• Strategic location
  • World class infrastructure
  • Easy Bank Account
  • Lease agreement for 1 year 
  • Extensive cargo handling facilities
  • 100% foreign company ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital & profits
  • No currency and employment restrictions
  • No corporate tax
  • No income tax
  • VAT exempted

Corporate Services in Dubai

YASA performs administrative services aimed at assisting establishments and companies wishing to conduct business by carrying out the procedures required to register and obtain the necessary licenses from official authorities, assisting these companies in obtaining partnerships with foreign companies, it excludes provision of any kind of legal services.

Critical Support for Your Business Setup

The successful setting up and liquidation of a business in the UAE is a complex process. It requires strong project management skills, a comprehensive step-by-step plan, an in-depth understanding of local procedures, and the right resources and connections with local government bodies in the UAE to facilitate legal proceedings and documentation.
YASA offer customized, client-centric assistance to ensure successful business setup in Dubai and across the UAE.

Corporate Sponsorship Services

YASA helps in creating an environment where both businesses and local sponsors can thrive with mutual benefits. Our breadth of experience can help you secure highly lucrative sponsorship deals that can facilitate the growth of your company. 
Our services provide organization’s with a prominent corporate nominee to act as a local sponsor in the UAE. Our local business sponsors can provide in-depth insights on the UAE market that can be instrumental for your business expansion. We help companies secure their operations and attain financial benefits and freedom.

Liquidation Services

Company liquidation in the UAE is an extremely complex process that mandates the submission of several official documents pertaining to the company’s financial status. It is, therefore, in the best interest of corporations to outsource professional expertise on matters concerning liquidation and acquire the guidance needed to assist them in the process.
Our liquidation services procedures include the following:

  • Liquidators’ appointment process
  • Obtaining Non-Liability Letter and Liquidation Certificate
  • Newspaper advertisements

What you will need

Online pre-approval form

Online submission of application on the official portal using your personal account

Proof of residential address in country of residence

For example, a utility bill or bank statement.

Third-party approvals for certain regulated business activities

applicable for certain activities only

Copy of your Passport

Along with your UAE residence visa and a copy of your Emirates’ ID if applicable.

Copies of parent company documents

Required if setting up a subsidiary.

pay, sign & submit your documents

We have different modes of payments e.g. Master/Visa Card payments, Bank Transfer, Bank deposit etc..

Would you like to start turning business idea into reality?

Meet your expectations with us as we are professional in our field.

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