YASA partnership with Softech Systems:

YASA and Softech signed agreement where YASA will leverage their presence in Africa, Middle-East and CIS RUSSIA to promote Kalamtime, voice and multilingual chat app with set of unique features not supported in other sapps in the market.

YASA partnership with Group ATEPA:

YASA and Group ATEPA signed agreement where YASA will work along with group ATEPA to bring foreign investment and build new sectors, communities, cities and capitals in Africa. As Africa has the highest adoption rate than other regions globally. Higher digital adoption rates unlock enormous economic potential for investors in the continent. Africa offers rewarding opportunities for development and infrastructure projects.


Learning A-Z: Online Education System:

Chief Executive Officer, YASA Dubai, Mr. Sajid Barkat | Executive Director, The Guardian, Mr. Toke Alex-Ibru | Vice President, U.S. company, LEARNING A-Z, Marc Cabianca & Regional Director, LEARNING A-Z, Mr. Ryan Stacy during a meeting on developing childrenthrough online educational skills from early learning school.

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