Our Work

We promote inclusive economic, social and ecological development to make an effective contribution towards sustainable and widespread prosperity in developing and emerging economies. With this objective in mind, we offer economically and socially disadvantaged people a chance to improve their lives on their own initiative.

Social protection for secure and resilient futures

We help vulnerable people to secure their livelihoods and, where needed, to access social protection. We help to reduce poverty, inequality and injustice by empowering women, men and children to fully participate in society – irrespective of their social class, gender, sexual orientation, physical challenges and age.

Based on the belief that everyone should have the ability to make choices about their own development, we work closely with the people upon whose lives we intend to have an impact. We make sure that they influence and own the interventions, from design to evaluation. An important part of this is our work to strengthen local institutions that represent community interests – an inclusive approach is vital to building long-term solutions.

Community engagement for accountable development

Sustainable development is about allowing communities to decide what is in their best interest – to protect, nurture and promote community livelihoods. We empower communities and help them organize themselves – to use their voice effectively and hold their leaders to account.

At the same time we support governments to shape a political environment that is conducive to increased levels of community involvement and participation. We also strengthen civil society organizations in their roles as advocates for voice and accountability and to help deliver services.

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